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Hello world!

Hello. this my new kind a way of blogging. Im currently trying WordPress.com. but, blogspot is my number one priority. this is just a matter of trying. many pro blogger use wp i guess. so, i intend to try it out and compare it with blogspot.

it is good to have our own domain or hosting. it is simple to write though. such as typing http://www.syazberry.blogspot.com@ http://www.syazberry.wordpress.com is away toooooo long rather than typing http://www.syazberry.com! it is simple right? haha. well, im still a student and im lack of money. its so awkward for me to invest my money for domain or hosting. well, who knows right, if there is someone to open my heart to persuade me  to buy my own domain. who knows right?

Im just trying wp for now. not kinda serious to it. well, i have one questions.

should i write in english or malay? or both of it? ermm. i think i will write in both languages or ROJAK languange! haha. serious. Usman Awang will hate me if i ruin Malay language. haha. dont worry sir. i love Malay! even my english sucks!! i will try to improve my writing here in english and malay! chaiyokk!

thats all for now.  at 5.57 pm on 23 November 2010. i have my on WP! cool huh?

tata. salam.

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