Amy Winehouse is DEAD!

Amy Winehouse was found dead at her London apartment. pity her, i guess??

just Rest in Peace there, err, I guess also?

drug and alcohol addictive, u figure it yourself okay.

it is a DISEASE. hummphhh.

youngsters, take her as example about how bad drug and alcohol it is.

make sure you do. 😉

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Sometimes we have to go through the flow.

Sometimes, we have just to be optimistic if obstacles comes into our life.

Sometimes, we have to accept the burden in our life.

Sometimes, we need to be HAPPYYYYYYYY!

isn’t that the recipie of our life?

Im trying to try this recipie. I hope its gonna work!

and How to be MATURED?

I dont know, hope u can tell me? Need time to develop.

is Maturity needs time?

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Maharaja Lawak Week 7 Jozan

13/05/2011 2 comments


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Maharaja Lawak Week 7 Jambu and Sepah

Best of The Best!



What do you think?

Amir was eliminated this week. Good news for me.  HAHA.

But, there is UNDI MASUK! What the ****?

Drama? We’ll see next week!

Psst, still find the right course after SPM? Maybe you will find it here. 

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Be careful with Acid Man!

13/05/2011 2 comments

Many social network such as Facebook and Twitter has update about the danger that going around in KL area.

There have been two Indian men with motorcycle that throwing an acid to the pretty girls when ever they see in KL area. The effect of acid is bad. It can damage your face and you are no longer beautiful. I think that is the aim why the Indian men doing that. Maybe they or one of them have bad experience with pretty girls. Revenge i guess. But, this is sooo wrong. The innocent pretty girls are getting effected by that. Its not fair right?

So, to the girls out there, PLEASE be careful. Even you thought that you are not pretty enough, please be careful. Be careful with an Indian men with motorcycle. You might lost your beautiful face.

The effect of acid. Be careful girls!

Eh, watchout fot this guy!

KungFu Panda is back! Mark ur calendar. More Info CLICK this link.

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Harry Potter review!

Hello. yesterday i went to watch Harry Potter and the deathly hollows part one with my friends. what can i say about this movie is, its TOTALLY AWESOME!

first, i want to remind to whoever has not watch this movie, please be careful. Its a lot of surprise! seriously! HP really take my heart out! in the first scene i already surprised. and whoever is afraid or fobia with snakes, please be careful too.  if its in 3D, the snake is actually gonna eat you!

i actually missed the first HP. Harry and Ron is damn cute. Hermione with the big hair and the small face. but, now. they really grown  up. really matured to handle situation plus Ron and Hermione willing to protect Harry from Voldermort.

its only part one, so, the story doesnt end there. hanging. but, i cant wait to see the part two! i bet next year the sequel will be released. im eager to see it. aaaaa!

this part is really funny. where all friends camouflaged to Harry. haha. theres a lot scene that will tickle you! haha

i must say, u got to see this movie! no hesitate. u will satisfy like i did. hehe. thats all. tata.


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Hello world!

Hello. this my new kind a way of blogging. Im currently trying but, blogspot is my number one priority. this is just a matter of trying. many pro blogger use wp i guess. so, i intend to try it out and compare it with blogspot.

it is good to have our own domain or hosting. it is simple to write though. such as typing is away toooooo long rather than typing! it is simple right? haha. well, im still a student and im lack of money. its so awkward for me to invest my money for domain or hosting. well, who knows right, if there is someone to open my heart to persuade me  to buy my own domain. who knows right?

Im just trying wp for now. not kinda serious to it. well, i have one questions.

should i write in english or malay? or both of it? ermm. i think i will write in both languages or ROJAK languange! haha. serious. Usman Awang will hate me if i ruin Malay language. haha. dont worry sir. i love Malay! even my english sucks!! i will try to improve my writing here in english and malay! chaiyokk!

thats all for now.  at 5.57 pm on 23 November 2010. i have my on WP! cool huh?

tata. salam.

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